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Member Profile: Don Olson

May 23, 2011 Don Olson — Server — Grand Hyatt San Francisco — 37 years of service My mother was born the year the Titanic sank.  She went to vocational school to learn telegraphy and then she went to work for Western Union.  She operated...

Member Profile: Mauricio Barrera

Mauricio Barrera — Steward — Grand Hyatt San Francisco — 30 years of service Someone asked me once about fleeing from El Salvador, “Weren’t you scared when you were running?”  I said, They infuse you with fear in my country. ...

Hyatt Workers on Strike for Solidarity: Photos

September 15, 2011 All pictures Copyright David Bacon.

Hyatt workers end strike, announce escalation of Hyatt boycott

September 15, 2011 Support for Hyatt boycotts gaining momentum with major national and local organizations Hyatt workers will put down their picket signs and go back to work on Thursday, September 15, but their campaign against Hyatt’s abuse will escalate...

Community to Rally around Striking Hyatt Workers in March for Solidarity

September 13, 2011 Thousands of Hyatt workers to return to work, kick off next phase of campaign against Hyatt
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