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Member Profile: Mauricio Barrera

Mauricio Barrera — Steward — Grand Hyatt San Francisco — 30 years of service Someone asked me once about fleeing from El Salvador, “Weren’t you scared when you were running?”  I said, They infuse you with fear in my country. ...

Grand Hyatt Hotel Worker Responds to Hyatt GMs

August 25, 2011 Victoria Guillen, a seven-year dishwasher at the Grand Hyatt has published an op-ed in the San Francisco Examiner explaining why she will continue to fight for the right to stand in solidarity with non-union Hyatt workers.  Guillen’s...

Member Profile: Bill Fung

Bill Fung – 15 years – Housekeeping Supply Department – Hilton Union Square Bill Fung didn’t want to immigrate to the United States. “I had a really good life in my country,” he says, referring to the 27 years he lived in his native Guangzhou,...
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