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Member Profile: Cynthia Reed

Cynthia Reed — PBX Operator — Hyatt Regency San Francisco  – 22 years of service A lot of people ask me, “Why do you fight?  You don’t have children.”  I fight because my co-workers have children.  I fight because my co-workers...

Contraceptive Technologies: Don’t Side with Hyatt against the Women who Work at Hyatt Hotels

Fact Sheet for Speakers and Attendees at the Contraceptive Technologies Conference Hyatt Regency San Francisco, March 7-10  2012 Unite Here Local 2 represents hotel workers in San Francisco and San Mateo counties.  We greatly respect the work of Contraceptive...

Member Profile: Delia Medina

September 23, 2011 Delia Medina — Room Cleaner — Hyatt Regency — 37 years of service We’re human beings.  That was what I would say to the bosses whenever they were treating somebody badly.  I would say, We’re human beings, like...

Hyatt Workers on Strike for Solidarity: Photos

September 15, 2011 All pictures Copyright David Bacon.

Hyatt workers end strike, announce escalation of Hyatt boycott

September 15, 2011 Support for Hyatt boycotts gaining momentum with major national and local organizations Hyatt workers will put down their picket signs and go back to work on Thursday, September 15, but their campaign against Hyatt’s abuse will escalate...
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